Awaiting Spring - To Do List

Since it's still winter, too long if you asked me, we have plenty of time to make plans and prepare everything for spring. So we decided to make a list of activities in order to organize our spring tasks.

Missing spring

Here it is:

- make a list of vegetables to plant this year (add onions and garlic, loose some of the peppers);
- plant spinach;
- order all the seeds we have by months to be planted in (they start from February and some end in May); we must have them organized not to miss anything;
- create a draft of the vegetables garden on paper to decide which plant goes where this year, what area they occupy and how many plants fit in there;
- discuss with local authorities in order to sign a contract for receiving water from the centralized water system - the horrible drought last year convinced us that our own water supply from is no longer enough;

- prune the trees;
- nursery planting: plant tomatoes, peppers, celery and all the other vegetables that can't be planted directly outside in the garden;
- select and plant March vegetables that can be placed directly outside;
- uncover the trees planted last autumn (which are now covered in straw) and the vineyard (these two activities towards the end of the month);

My husband pruning the peach tree

- uncover all roses; yupeee, finally!
- select and plant April vegetables that can be placed directly outside;
- clean the pond and order fresh pond plants for this year;

This is all we have so far, but I am sure more will be added.

Take care and wish for spring to come sooner,

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